Sacred mushrooms are the most promising safe entheogens re-entering our culture. On the 20th of September, people from all around the planet will gather to honor and celebrate these mushrooms. In this article, we will share with you some ideas how to hold your own local 920 event.

920 is celebrated in the spirit that one day we’ll see a world where we are free to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives with the help of legal psilocybin mushrooms.

This year, you can be part of creating this world by celebrating locally and helping others learn about 920.



Fun and Safe

When we talk about a global magic mushroom day, for many, there is an obvious way to celebrate it. We believe in the human right to put these little sacred mushroom caps in your responsible, adult mouth holes. Yes!

But, If you are living in a country that is holding on to paranoid and archaic drug laws, then there are still many ways that you can celebrate 920 without risking your personal freedom. 

In any case, we must say this for obvious reasons: 920 Coalition does not endorse nor condemn the use of psilocybin mushrooms. 

Find the Others

The main idea is to bring together friends and future friends-to-be from your local community. You know the motto of current psychedelic movement is “Find the others”.

While a private celebration with your friends might be suitable for some types of happenings, consider also options that will involve connecting with more people in this mycelial network that we are all part of.



How to Celebrate 920?

Here are some ideas that can inspire you when you are creating your own 920 magic mushroom day celebration. Use these suggestions as stand-alone event templates or combine a few of these together. If you are privileged to inhabit a country where psilocybe mushrooms are allowed, then there are obvious ways you can add them to the mix.

1. Potluck or Picnic

Food has been, throughout ages, a way to bring people together. Everyone likes to eat. Cooking your own meal and sharing it with others gives people an easy and accessible way to be active participants.

Or if you live somewhere where it's comfortable to be outside, then go to the park and have a picnic.

2. Mushroom Foray

It’s September, and, in many parts of this beautiful planet, you can find wild mushrooms growing. Get someone who knows his mushrooms, pack some food and water with you, and head to the forest.

If you live in a place where you are not legally allowed to pick Psilocybes, pick something else. There are plenty of medicinal and edible mushrooms in the forest. Just remember the old saying:

“When in doubt, post pictures to a mushroom ID group on Facebook, or throw it out”.

3. Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Growing your own mushrooms must be one of the safest ways to get them. Once you know how to do it, nobody can take this knowledge away from you. Find some local mushroom growers, and hold a cultivation workshop together.

Start with something easy like oyster mushrooms or turkey tail. Most principles of cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms overlap. And when psilocybe mushrooms become legal to grow where you are living, then you already have the basic skills. Win!



4. Mushroom Talks

Get one or a few good speakers who resonate with the movement and who are good storytellers. Hold an event where there are individual talks or panels. Let people ask questions afterwards and hold open discussions. Remember it’s about involving others and building community.

5. Online webcast

Who has time to meet real people in 2018? Luckily there's a great alternative to that, (drum roll) The Internet. It's basically a series of tubes, and you can broadcast a live worldwide 920 event on it.

Make a webcast with some guest speakers and doing a live Q&A with the people watching. Or do a webinar about how to microdose, grow mushrooms, or how to hold an integration circle. 

6. Campfire Night

This one is a classic from the paleolithic era. We as humans like the company of others and warmth of the fire. Add a little music with singing and humming, and you have an act of collective creation.

Drums, shakers, and guitars work well. If you don’t have any instruments, then form a impromptu acapella choir. Make an experiment of can you find the tonal harmony together and hum the same note for a minute or two. No, wait. Don't do that, it's stupid. Or is it?

7. Psychedelic Integration Circle

Get people together who have had a psychedelic experience in their not so distant past or who just want to learn about psychedelic integration.

Have a person to facilitate the talking order of the group, sit in a circle, and let people who feel they have unresolved topics from their past journeys to talk. Have a look at ERIE psychedelic integration resources.



8. Dance Party

Yes, for many, celebration and dancing are synonymous. So this is an obvious one. Pull some strings, get a sound system and a venue. Find some DJ’s or musicians, and get this party going.

You can have a smaller dance event at your home, or you can rent out a venue and plan a full-blown 920 party. We are happy to help you promote your party.

9. Psychedelic Movie Night

There are some great movies out there about psychedelics, plant medicines, and psilocybe mushrooms. All you need is a big screen or a projector with some speakers. Raise awareness about psychedelics in your neighborhood, school, or work place.

Serve tea when the movie is over, and let people discuss what they saw.  Why tea, you ask? It is scientifically proven to make people friendlier.

10. Community Bike Ride

Bicycle riding and psychedelic holidays have been associated for some time now. Why not take your bikes for a ride together while having a heated conversation about the promising and challenging sides of psilocybin legalization?

Visit some cool places, include a picnic or a mushroom foray for more fun with your newly formed bicycle gang of psychonauts.


We hope these ideas will help you get your creative juices flowing about what to do this 920.

Have fun and stay safe. While it’s a great idea to get weird and freaky, we also want to broadcast a message that psilocybe mushrooms are safe to integrate into the wider society.

Mush love!