Q. What is 920?
A. El Día de Los Hongos Sagrados, a Global Magic Mushroom Day. 920 is an effort to create safe spaces to share and open up dialogue on related recent research to educate, celebrate, and honor the entheogenic mushroom to help carry on the current momentum. 

Q. What is psilocybin?
A. Psilocybin is a non-addictive, non-toxic compound found in hundreds of species of mushrooms. It has been used by humans for thousands of years to maintain good mental and social health.

Q. What does a 920 event look like?
A. A local 920 event can range anything between a few friends talking about the mushroom experiences that have benefited their lives or a whole public symposium with different speakers and presentations.

Q. How can I help / get involved?
A. Spread the word about 920. Find your local psychedelic community and organize a 920 event this September the 20th. If you feel passionate about the cause and want to donate your time as a volunteer sporrior of the 920 Coalition, then please contact us.

Q. Why the date "9/20"?
A. September 20th is around the fall equinox, mushroom picking season, and it alludes to the cannabis date 4/20, 9/20 is easy to remember. 

Q. Do you sell mushrooms? / Can you refer me to a psychedelic therapist?
A. Because of legal reasons we cannot help you with sourcing psychedelic mushrooms. 
If you are looking for legal ways to experience psilocybin then we suggest to look for psilocybin retreats around the world.