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Organize a local 920 event

The best way to celebrate 920 is by holding a magic mushroom related event. Bring people together, create community, encourage discussion. We put together for you a list of 10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Magic Mushroom Day.

find a 920 event to join

There are many 920 events happening around the world. Have a look at our 920 event page to see if there is anything going one close to you. If you know about an event that has not been add to our list then please contact us.


join the 920 coalition as volunteer

If you feel passionate about our vision of a world where responsible adults are free to use psilocybin mushroom in any way they want, then consider becoming a volunteer member of 920 Coalition. 

Wheter you are skilled in graphics design, social media, writing or networking, we could really use your help. Contact us about Volunteering at 920 Coalition

help the 920 coalition by donating

920 Coalition is completely volunteer run organization and nobody gets paid for what we do here. That being said, we do have some costs involving web hosting and online tools we use for promotion. Please consider donating to help us make a better world where psilocybin mushrooms are free of stigma and unreasonable legal sanctions.